The Energy Industry is active year round within the Spirit River, which is fully serviced with major infrastructure of roadways, power, wellheads, waste water well injection sites and lodging/equipment services. An early stage program targeting the lithium brines in the new deeper wells drilled since 2010 will represent a new exciting frontier of exploration for the Company and its shareholders.


The Province of Alberta has approved Power America’s application for 100% undivided interest in a further six metallic and industrial minerals exploration permits covering six townships northwest of the Fox Creek-Swan Hills district in the Peace River Arch-Spirit River area of northwestern Alberta.

These additional six exploration permits are contiguous to the previous four townships that were acquired by Power Americas in August 2016. Power America’s collective northwestern Alberta land package now has a total of 10 adjoining exploration permits covering more than 90,000 hectares (222,395 acres) or 900 square kilometres. The newly acquired permits contain more than 1000 well sites including more than 200 new and deep-basin wells that were drilled since 2010. The Spirt River project now contains potential access to more than 1900 wells, some of which contain elevated lithium-brine values as documented historically in publicly available Government of Alberta reports. Power America’s exploration focus will include test assaying brine samples from the new, deep-basin wells representing virgin ground that has never been tested for the lithium-in-brine content, signifying a new target of exploration for the Company and its shareholders.


Power America’s initial Exploration Program is underway on the Spirit River Lithium Project. Local area petro-operators have granted access and brine sampling will be collected from approximately 20-30 separate producing wells. The brine samples will be tested for potentially elevated concentrations of lithium and other important elements in brine reservoirs/aquifers underlying Spirit River landholdings.

The Company’s consultant, APEX Geoscience Ltd. of Edmonton AB, is supervising and conducting the brine sampling program in conjunction with several oil and gas producers in the region. The brine samples collected will undergo geochemical analysis by Maxxam Analytics Inc. at its Petroleum Technology Centre located in Edmonton, AB

Shaded contour map of lithium-bearing formation waters in west-central Alberta. The map is generated from a dataset totalling 1511 analyses (Eccles and Jean, 2010). Nineteen analyses with >100 mg/L Li (up to 140 mg/L) occur within the Middle to Late Devonian Leduc (Woodbend Group) and Swan Hills (Beaverhill Lake Group) carbonate complexes in west-central Alberta. Abbreviations for selected west-central Alberta tectonic features: KIA, Kimiwan isotopic anomaly; PRA, boundary of the Devonian Peace River Arch; SAZ, Snowbird Anomaly Zone. White solid line represents the boundary of the Swan Hills (Beaverhill Lake Group) carbonate complex (Oldale et al., 1994). White, semi-transparent polygons represent Leduc (Woodbend Group) carbonate complexes (Switzer et al., 1994).

Potential associations between tectonic features and lithium accumulation in aquifers of the Leduc and Beaverhill Lake reef complexes, west-central Alberta: a) inferred locations of the Peace River Arch (PRA), Kimiwan isotopic anomaly (KIA) and Snowbird Anomaly Zone in relation to the Leduc and Swan Hills reef complexes (These features are displayed on the shaded contour map of lithium-bearing formation waters in Alberta, see adjacent.); b) an oblong cartoon of the Peace River Arch, Kimiwan isotopic anomaly, and strike-slip faults of the Snowbird Anomaly Zone to show how they could potentially act in concert to mobilize altered silicates and/or fluids; c) a schematic model to illustrate mobilization of fluids along immature siliciclastics deposited above the basement and entry into the Fox Creek aquifers via fault and fracture systems.


10 adjoining exploration permits covering more than 90,000 hectares (222,395 acres) or 900 square kilometres.


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