The Kittson Colbalt Property is located in the Kittson and Coleman Townships of the Larder Lake Mining Division, in Northeastern Ontario, approximately 8 km northwest of the town of Latchford and 120 km by road north of North Bay.

  • Late 2017 acquired an additional 100% interest in 10 unpatented mining claims totaling 140 units, approximately 2,240 hectares.
  • Eight new claims are contiguous to the Kittson Property, interpreted to host the western extension of the Shakt-Davis and Edison mine structures.
  • Two new claims 5 km south of the Kittson property cover a cobalt showing that returned up to 0.14% Cobalt and 0.68 g/t gold listed in the Ontario Geological Surveys Mineral Deposit Inventory
  • Kittson Property now totals 15 unpatented mining claims totaling 208 units, approximately 3,330 hectares



The Kittson Cobalt Property is located within the prolific Cobalt mining camp, which has produced over 420 million ounces of silver. The Property includes two former mines, the Shakt Davies and Cobalt Kittson. These two mines saw limited production and differed from the typical Cobalt camp in that they possessed low silver grades, but were enriched in cobalt and gold. The Cobalt-Kittson mine operated from 1927 – 1930, and production records are scarce, however records from the 598-foot level show this level produced 600 hundred pounds of smaltite (a cobalt bearing mineral), and gold assays of up to 6.9 g/t were reported.


The Shakt Davies mine saw intermittent development from 1906 – 1964, with the bulk of the underground working completed between 1924 – 1926. No production records remain, however historic reports indicate values of 1.5% cobalt over 1.37 meters and select grab samples returning up to 4% cobalt and 93.3 g/t gold. More recent sampling (1987) of the mine waste pile by the Ontario Geological Survey personnel returned 0.25% cobalt, 0.75 % nickel, 0.05% copper and 3.4 g/t gold.


At the Shakt-Davis mine several major calcite veins are hosted in a fractured and faulted zone within Nipissing diabase. This zone strikes northeast (∼60°) parallel to a ∼120 m thick vertical diabase dyke. The main vein varies from 1 to 7 m, whereas the vertically oriented chimney vein ranges from 1 to 3 m wide. Both are vertically oriented and contain smaltite (Co), cobaltite (Co), gersdorffite (Co), erythrite (Co), annabergite (Ni), pyrite, chalcopyrite (Cu), and niccolite (Ni). From assessment files in the Cobalt MNDM office, “Assays and analyses indicated 1.5% Co and minor Ag over a width of 1.37 m with select grab samples indicating up to 4% Co, and others with up to 2.72 oz/t Au. A further test of hand-picked ore indicated values of 0.87 oz/t Au, 0.25 oz/t Ag, 7.92% Co, and 7.72% Ni. Another smaltite ore sample returned 97 oz/ton Ag, 0.336% Co, and 0.18% Ni (Born and Hitch, 1990) Grab samples collected by N. Pettigrew in 1987 from the mine dump yielded assay values of 0.25% Co, 0.75% Ni, 0.06% Cu, 0.10 oz/t Au, and <0.10 oz/t Ag (N. Pettigrew)




The Kittson-Cobalt mine is hosted in a ∼70 m wide diabase dyke cutting arkoses of the lower Lorrain Formation near the Gowganda-Lorrain contact. Chalcopyrite, smaltite and pyrite occur in several northtrending calcite veins which are vertically oriented and 4 to 100 cm wide. The veins are hosted in fractured and faulted zones parallel to the dyke. Assay results from Johns (1985) indicate 0.08 and 0.20 oz/t gold. The total production of the mine was 600 pounds of smaltite (cobalt sulpharsenide) from the 598 ft level (R. Thomson; Resident Geologist’s Files, Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, Kirkland Lake; OGS Map P3116).



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Shakt Davies Mine & Kittson Cobalt Mine



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